Graduate Development Program

The Saudi Investment Bank provides a number of training programs for Saudi distinguished university graduates to prepare them for successful careers in the banking sector. Upon successfully completing the program and program-end assessment, the outstanding trainees will be offered job opportunities at The Saudi Investment Bank.

There are two types of graduate programs:

  1. The General Program: Designed to prepare candidates for assuming a job in any department at the Bank (One Year).
  2. The Specialized Program: Focused on particular departments and professions. Both programs are completed within one year (One Year).

Graduate programs include in-class training, eLearning, rotation, projects and on the job training.

Program modules include:

  • Overview: Banking Sector in Saudi Arabia
  • Banking Products
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Corporate Governance

Admission Requirements:

  • Distinguished academic achievements
  • Passing the initial interview
  • Advanced English Language skills