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Graduate Program

The Saudi Investment Bank provides a number of training programs for Saudi distinguished university graduates to prepare them for successful careers in the banking sector. Upon successfully completing the program and program-end assessment, the trainees may be offered job opportunities at the Bank.

There are two types of graduate programs: The general program and specialized programs. The general program is designed to prepare candidates for assuming a job and career in any department at the Bank, while specialized programs are focused on particular departments and jobs. The general program is longer in duration than the specialized programs, but all programs are completed within one year.

Graduate programs include in-class training, eLearning, rotation, projects and on the job training. Modules include an overview of banking sector in Saudi Arabia, banking products, risk management, compliance, and corporate governance.

Requirements for joining the program includes:

  • Distinguished academic achievements
  • Self-motivation and ambitious career prospective
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Advanced English Language skills.

Please check the below posts for upcoming graduate programs.